Simple yet effective

UELSports Badminton CLub
Left to right: Chris Williams, Nizam Samingan, Tousif Miran, Shalish Parmar, Mansoor Tipu (Captain), Mohammed Ahasan (Chairperson)

by Mohammed Ahasan

This was a massive week for us in our continued quest for promotion.. Our obstacle/challenge? St. Barts and the Royal London; they haven’t had the greatest of seasons so we fancied our chances. Even though we were favourites on paper, I didn’t want the team to become complacent and put anyunnecessary pressure on ourselves. So during our pre-match team talk, Mansoor and I just told the team to stay 100% focused and go for a slaughtering.

Well after an invigorating chat with the team, St Barts decided not to turn up. Thanks for the heads up(!) So we won without having to play, which was annoying because we were fired up. However, we ended up having a really challenging and painful training session to make sure we are ready for our next opponents. Good use of court bookings in my opinion.

Until next week!


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