As the BUCS season draw to tense cup final climax, UELSports already has reasons to celebrate

Rising to the challenge
Rising to the Challenge

As we count down to the BUCS Conference Cup Finals on Wednesday 23rd, UELSports is already celebrating a plethora of titles won in a superb season for clubs and individuals at UEL.

Men’s Basketball 1st team have claimed their league title with an unbeaten league side, blowing away competitors including SOAS and Goldsmiths.

Men’s Football 1st team won their league with a four point margin, scoring 38 goals in nine games.

Women’s Football 1st team also won their league by four points, scoring 19 goals in three games in the process.

Men’s Football 2nd team steamed through their league, winning by seven points with a record of seven wins and one draw in an eight match season, leaving the likes of UCL 3rd and University of the Arts London 2nd team trailing in their wake.

Men’s Rugby 1st team sealed their legaue title with a stunning 34-7 victory over City, man of the match Liam Twomey said: “I couldn’t be more impressed, it was great.”

Louise Little claimed individual Gold in the BUCS Judo Championships to add to her stunning competitive record.

Men’s Badminton 1st team stand just one game away from claiming their league title.

This stunning season will be rounded off with two tense BUCS Conference Cup Finals that are taking place on Wednesday 23rd March.

UEL Men’s Basketball 1st take on UCL in their final, and UEL Men’s football 1st take on Queen Mary’s.

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