The life of a UEL Sports Scholarship student-Part 5

11th February – GB Rowing Adaptive Training Camp, Banyoles, Spain

Camp! I am back in Spain for the second time in two months, this time with the GB Adaptive squad. This is pretty sweet as the team haven’t taken two coxes on a training camp before, so taking myself as well as last year’s cox is a fairly positive sign I hope. I left the Leander camp in January in balmy temperatures of 15*C, so I have to say was pretty pleased with myself when I saw last week’s forecast here of snow, ice and general Arcticness for back home. But how wrong we were… okay it’s about 2* warmer here, but that was about all. Regular first session temperatures hit -8*C, so every splash froze onto me, resulting in a sheet of ice crackling from my clothes on climbing out of the pair! Not so fun. Attempts to keep warm included wearing a truly horrific 80’s style down jacket (in fluorescent purple, epic), ski trousers (Decathlon kids section), silk glove and sock liners, and shoving a hot water bottle inside my jackets. I honestly struggled to walk. I weighed myself with all my kit, life-jacket etc. on and I was carrying an extra 7kg!! Literally cannot wait for summer, at least going for a wee isn’t a 15 min job….

The picture was actually from the Leander camp to the same place in January, so thanks to Wilko for donating his photo for me!  Not a bad place as you can see….

So rowing… well it’s pretty good. I’ve had blocks of time with two different crews, and we made some good progress. It’s all a bit stressful in the squad at the moment, as Final Trials for the Paralympics are on 10th March. Very. Close.

Other than rowing, it has to be said the Banyoles is officially very boring. There is a bakery/café in the centre of town which again, every rower will know where I mean – it’s our Central Perk! We’ve spent both afternoon off’s there, drinking tiny milky coffees and whining about the terrible hotel food. I’m attempting to learn to knit, which is NOT going well, I was introduced to Geordie Shore (which is AWFUL!) I  would have thought that seeing as I spend most of life with the likes of John Collins, I would be hard to shock, but Geordie Shore is another level for me! The latest craze of the Adaptive squad is blending… so some afternoons have been spent in recipe creation, experimenting with oats, fruit fliched from the dining room and spirulina (a scary bright green algae)…

Home soon back to equally damp and wintery Britian, then it will be less than a month ’til Final Trials. 10th of March is D-Day – it is then we will all find out whether or not we will be pulling on the GB tracksuit for London….


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