The life of a UEL Sports Scholarship student-Part 6

 March 2012 – Final Paralympic Trials.

 I love sport. I love rowing. The highs that you can go to are incredible, and frankly words on paper can’t do justice to them, but the lows are equally as emotional, and sadly, its a big low I’m going to be trying to describe in the March 2012 blog post.

 So last time I posted I was on camp in Spain, freezing but enjoying being back in the fray and down to the last 2 coxes for the seat in London. Trials were looming, but in reality as a cox, every day is your trial, as it’s all about how you work in and around the team as a whole, on and off the water, as well as your performance on race day. I had bad days when negative thoughts crept in, but in general I was very positive about the process and excited about training and the possibility of racing.

 “We have reviewed you and Lily over the course of the winter season, and have come to the decision that Lily will be ranked the first cox in the lead up to the Paralympics. This is how we shall proceed.”

 I sat there in shock. Apart from all else, this conversation was held 2 days before the official trials date, and so came unexpectedly. Louise (the Team Manager and Selector) gave me a few points of feedback, but when she asked for my comments I was unable to really say much, and simply asked if I could call her at a later date. Part of me wanted to argue my case, but the realistic part of me knew this was fairly pointless.

 For Lent I gave up two things this year – caffeine and dairy. Erica, my wonderful house mate, was of course lovely to me, which meant I was unable to keep up my refusal to let my emotions show and so I ended up on the sofa with the kitten and unlimited hugs.

 “Would you like a cup of tea?”

 “Yes. F*** Lent.”

 (Apologies for awful language, I promise it doesn’t happen very often). So ended Lent 2012…


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