Aiming for the Olympics

Phew so it’s been a little while since I blogged I guess! What, between Facebook, twitter, website, blogger, training diary, training planner, UKAD whereabouts data and 2 email accounts I could definitely do with finding some extra hours!

So, recent events…….. Got back from Russia on Monday where I competed in the European Championships. I went in with high hopes having always had a good record in the Europeans but this time it wasn’t to be. I drew the Portuguese fighter Ramos first round who I lost to in the semi final last year after a close fight but I was feeling strong and confident so was ready for the fight. After I dominated for the first 2 minutes she threw me for a Yuko. I then think I lost my game plan a bit and couldn’t get that score back. And that’s how easy it is to go out first fight! I was completely gutted afterwards but hey, this is sport.

The next day I woke up feeling totally mentally and physically drained as well as having a horrible case of congestion but it’s important to support the rest of the team so for the next two days I went with the others to watch the fighting. There was some excellent judo and as a team we came away with a bronze, a 5th and a 7th. I thought we would do better to be fair. As I was ill I didn’t think I would do myself or the team justice in the team competition at the end so I didn’t compete and instead started to look ahead to getting myself back on track for the British Open competition next week.

I spent a few days last week in littleborough and my parents house where they have erected a 5ft flag pole in the back garden! When I arrived they had an English flag flying for St. George’s Day and now they have an Olympic rings flag flying. Nothing like being eccentric :). It was so good to visit my old club Bacup and on the Thursday had a good session with some familiar faces, including my old training partner Jayne, the Kendal boys, and Simon Jackson, the former Paraolympic gold medallist who now has his own club in Rochdale.

Of course my personal coach and mentor Brian Moore was there to oversee everything and take the mick (gently!) when needed and Billy Hindle, a true Bacup stalwart. One of the mums had a copy of the rossendale free press where I had made the front page which made me smile :). So a good training week (some gym time with the dad and some running over the tops included) and then down to Bath with Brian for national squad training. The Phoenix is rising!


Sophie Cox

UK Sport Lottery Funded Athlete – Judo


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