My life as a UELSports Scholar

Firstly, let me just introduce myself. My name is Anna Fitzpatrick, and I have just started at UEL on a tennis scholarship. I’ll be writing a blog every couple of months for the website, to try and give you a little insight into what the life of a tennis player is like.

My first few weeks at UEL have been a lot of fun. I played tennis full time for 6 years before this September, so it has been a big change starting University.  I am studying Sport and Exercise Science part time, so this semester I am taking the Physiology module. I’m really enjoying the course and I am pleased to say I got 90% in my first exam – which I was really happy with! Having not taken an exam for more than 6 years, I was extremely nervous beforehand, and I can honestly say it was far more nerve wracking for me than playing Wimbledon! Tennis is what I do every day of my life, it’s second nature – exams are definitely not, so it was a major relief to get the first one out of the way. The following Monday I had to submit a lab report, and until a week before the deadline, I really had no idea what a lab report was! I had been playing tournaments every week since starting at UEL so had not had time to get it done. I was rushing around for the two days leading up to the deadline trying to find people I know, who have done lab reports to get some help. I managed to finish it with an hour remaining before the 4pm deadline so just about made it. It is apparently going to be 4 weeks until I know my result for it though, so I am going to try and forget all about it until then!

Right now, I am playing an International $10,000 tournament in Edgebaston – not as exotic as many of the places I have visited through tennis, but at least it’s reasonably close to home. (Before you get excited, $10,000 is the total amount of prize money for the whole tournament – not the amount the winner gets!) I lost in singles yesterday against the 3rd seed, but my doubles partner and I are in the semi final of doubles later today. We also played a tournament in Loughborough last week, winning the final 6-2 6-2 on Saturday. It was my 15th doubles title in my professional career, and my 5th with my current doubles partner Jade. We played very well in the final so hopefully we can continue our run and take the title here as well.

Anyway, I think I have procrastinated enough – time to get on with some revision!



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