New equipment in the S&C room in SportsDock

Yesterday, we made some changes to the Strength & Conditioning Room at SportsDock. Over the last few months we have been asking customers for their thoughts on SportsDock and through this and our comment cards (which are available at reception if you ever have comments/feedback on SportsDock) we purchased lots of new equipment and changed the room around.

Some of the new equipment that has arrived includes a new Decline Bench Press, Seated Calf Raise, Laying Leg Curl and Bicep Preacher Curl Bench. In addition to these plate loadable machines we also now have additional 15kg EZ Curl Bars and 5ft Olympic Power Bars, more 45 lbs weight plates, 2.5kg and 5kg Pallini Discs and High Rotational attachments for our existing weightlifting platforms.Below  we give a brief outline of some of the new equipment & what it can be used for! Remember if you want to learn how to use any of the equipment just ask one of our Fitness team, we will be glad to show you!

strength, conditioning, weights
The new look S&C room

Laying Leg Curl

The laying leg curl can be used to work the entire back of the leg, targeting the muscles of the hamstring and calves. You can add variation to this exercise by shifting your body position in order to target specific muscles.

Seated Calf Raise

This isolation exercise for the calf muscles allows you to work through a full range of flexion at the ankle whilst in a seated position. This is a great exercise for toning or strengthening the lower leg.

Bicep Preacher Curl Bench

The Preacher curl bench will allow you to stabilize your arms in order to get a greater isolation of the biceps when performing bicep curl exercises.

Decline Bench Press

Similar to the traditional flat bench press the decline bench press, which is fixed in a decline position, can be used to target the lower portion of the pectoral muscles.

Rotating Glute/Ham bench

Specially constructed dual Thigh roller pads rotate with the body while performing the glute/hamstring exercise. These unique pads reduce the pressure against the quadriceps muscles to create a more comfortable and effective exercise for the Gluteus, Hamstrings and lower Back.

S&C room 3

Finally, as I mentioned earlier make sure to come and speak to me or any of the other fitness instructors if you want any tips on how to use the new equipment. We’ll be delighted to help you!

Happy strength & conditioning,

Julian Dominique,

SportsDock Fitness Instructor


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