Balancing work and training commitments – Hani Zahdeh, Miami Pro UK Bodybuilding Champion

Previously a competitive swimmer and junior bodybuilder during his school and university years, Hani Zahdeh now works in the world of investment banking and is a qualified chartered management accountant. The nature of his role involves supporting Board members of FTSE 100 companies, entailing a long day in the office and, at times, working through the night.

In July 2011, after a 10 year absence from the competitive scene, Hani set himself the target to return to the bodybuilding stage and balance work and training commitments. In order to get stage ready, Hani has since dropped over a third of his bodyweight and in 2012 won the Miami Pro UK Championship and placed 2nd on the European Natural Bodybuilding stage under federations which do not condone the use of performing enhancing substances.

During week days Hani regularly only averages 3 hours of sleep a night, trains twice a day, and sticks 100% to his diet. He sets his own training / diet programmes and always seeks to maintain positive results and momentum through ongoing research, review and experiment.

 Hani has set himself high ambitions for his next competitions – look out for his future blogs which will cover:

Sharing tips on how to manage your time to achieve optimal results across sport, study and work commitments

Upcoming competitions and regular updates on Hani’s journey through to stage showdown


For any training / diet questions, contact


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