UEL’s Cricket Tour 2013

Day 1 highlights

 The University of East London ‘s cricket team have been in Mumbai for just under a day. The UEL students landed in India in the early hours of Tuesday morning and checked into the Sahara Star hotel at approximately 2am local time. After everyone had checked in, the squad were told they would need to arrive in the hotel lobby for 7:30am that morning for a breakfast meeting. Having done so, the University ambassadors would officially begin to attend the various events and functions held throughout their tour.

The first morning of the tour was spent at the Sathaye College, which has a close affiliation to the University of Mumbai. Here, the side met and began to interact with the local College’s cricket team before training on their pitch with them. After the training session, each member of UEL involved was given a “PTVA Sports Academy” cap. Whilst, the University students presented each player involved in the session from the College with gifts, such as pens and badges.

After lunch, the University squad were taken to a local shanty town by Anson Thomas. He previously, has taken the likes of Steve Waugh to this shanty town. Anson aims to use sport to help encourage people from these areas to attempt to avoid working in prostitution and other similar life-risking forms of employment. During their walk around the town, the University played cricket against a group of enthusiastic locals.

The evening event saw UEL go to the Mumbai Cricket Association to help inform the University’s international staff of what it is like to study at UEL. The squad were also shown the indoor pitch, (each of which have a camera on them to help the pitch users analyse their technique) and also the outdoor cricket pitch from inside the building.

Tomorrow will see the University play against Bombay Gymkhana in their first of two matches and host an Alumni event at the Sahara Star hotel later that evening.


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