My life as a UELSports Basketball Scholar

Two months, one week and 2 days later, here I am again, inviting you all to read my second sports blog, as the time has flew, a cut a bruise, I have received one or two, however in the life of basketball sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Also, I’ve received my results from new beginnings, I got a distinction which means in September I can start a new beginning into higher education. I have chosen to study Sports Coaching, because I love seeing people progress and sport has helped me to progress in many ways in my life. For this reason I will always give more and never show less, as long as I always try my best.

Training is taking up alot of time, hold on one minute this is starting to rhyme, I’ve lost 11kg since summer 2013 through running many miles and laps around the court, suicides and lots of push ups. I am proud of this achievement, as in half a year I have found courage, willpower and determination to face my fears. I am a lot more active and feel great, four years ago around this time of year; I would have been in a nightclub looking for a valentine’s date, as it was fate that led me to my wife, Gods plan and will has come to life.

I have chosen to stay far well away from drugs, alcohol and crime, depression isn’t my friend, but hopefully justice will be there on time.

I’ve started strength and conditioning training with S&C Coach Duncan late December 2013, just the thought of me struggling to do a few push ups at the first basketball practice with Coach JP in September, and now gradually doing Push ups (Renegade rolls), has shown me physical development is possible, you just got to believe.

I am looking forward to the summer as it is my favourite time of year, especially for outdoor basketball events, alot of the community get involved and I love the unity.

My time playing basketball with the University of East London in the BUCS is on hold until September when I start studying for a degree, although playing in national league division 1 with NASSA has been a great experience for me. We have done very well to get to the national cup finals, in respect to all the teams we played against on the way in the competition; we never got over the last hurdle when we played against Reading Rockets, who played very well as a unit. This has so far been the biggest competition of my life. There were hundreds of fans watching when we played in the Worcester Wolves BBL home arena, we signed autographs, looked cool in the pictures and most certainly was a day to remember! Being back on the court again and trying my best for the team was all I could do; now we must move forward, work harder and go the extra mile to win both the BUCS and National League.

I am healthy, no injuries, just slight muscular pains but that is normal, as an athlete, remember to stretch before and after training or competitions to avoid injury.

Now, I won’t give up on the road ahead, as the bible says to be steadfast in love, and I would say:

When you’re feeling down look up above

Doing all things out of love

Hatred never wins success

Unless the love comes from your chest

Think more of others and not less

Then this way you’ll see progress

God bless!

Lamar Roberts


2 thoughts on “My life as a UELSports Basketball Scholar

  1. My son Ben and I met you on the train today on our way to the finals at the UEL. We were both impressed by the encouraging words to Ben and stories of your life’s journey you shared with us and wish you a very healthy, happy and successful future 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Kate & Ben, it was a privilege to have met you both and continue supporting Ben to try his very best in all that he does and dreams of.
    Take care,

    Lamar 🙂

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