My life as a UELSports Tennis scholar

Hi guys,

I hope everyone has had a good Easter break. It is one time of year that makes being an athlete a little bit harder – I’m in a house full of Easter eggs and Lindt chocolate so resisting the urge to get stuck in is becoming worryingly difficult!

When I last blogged, I was off to Thailand for 10 days – unfortunately not competing – just a holiday. I have to say it was a much needed break and I had an amazing time, the majority of it was spent scuba diving. I spent my birthday on a beautiful tiny island called Ko Nang Yuan, which basically consists of three small circles of land connected by two double-sided beaches as you can see in the photo below.


I’m sorry to tell you that I have not been able to compete at all since my last blog as my foot injury is still not sorted. I have a number of doctors appointments and scans next week, from which I hope to obtain more information and, all being well, figure out a clear path forward.

On the studying side, we are coming to the end of another academic year, which means that I have lots of assessment deadlines and exams fast approaching. I’m trying to see that as a good thing – being injured gives me more time to complete my work… With some luck, after the exam period, my injury problems will be solved in time for me to compete in the summer months.

I’ve also managed to fit in a trip to Wembley recently to see my beloved Sheffield United lose to Hull City (soon to be Tigers) in the FA Cup semi-final. Admittedly, it was a little painful, but I’ve been to watch two of our play-off finals in recent years (the most agonising of which was losing to Huddersfield on never-ending penalties!) and I have to say it was a lot more enjoyable this time as we scored 3 goals and at times actually looked like winning. It felt very special when the minute silence turned into a minute of applause before kick off. I was nine days old when the Hillsborough disaster happened, and my brothers, who were with me at Wembley last week, had planned on going to the match that day.

In other news, I’m on the hunt for a new car. My little car has done me proud over the past 3 years but unfortunately it’s time to move on. It feels a little like I’m going through a break-up! Contrary to popular belief, not all professional sports people are millionaires so unfortunately I won’t be getting a Ferrari 458 or Bugatti Veyron just yet – going for a more modest Ford Fiesta Titanium or Volkswagen Golf for now. Definitely looking forward to having cruise control for my weekly drives to and from London. And with that, I am just about to embark upon one of those very drives, so thanks for reading and I’m sure I’ll be blogging again soon.





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