October 29th roundup

Women’s tennis

The women’s tennis team finally stepped on the court for their first friendly meet. The team played on Wednesday at the Connaught Club against Surrey University. There were many positive outcomes for the girls, so here are a few…………

Lutfiana showed what being a team player is by playing as much as she could even though she was injured and by staying to support the team! Ava stepped up her level against a very good clay court player and led the team well at #1. Mille competed hard and won against their #1 player. The improvement in Camille’s game over just four weeks was seen in her single’s match. She never thought it was even possible to hit a forehand that hard. Marie was very assertive on the court, took the ball on and played with enthusiasm. Overall the team spirit was excellent and without doubt represented the University with distinction.

Women’s Hockey

UEL Womens 1st team played their first cup match against University of Essex a team who are placed four divisions above UEL in the BUCS league. The game got off to a rocky start with UEL arriving late to the game due to match timing issues. Without any warm up UEL started the match off with push back. However, Essex were quick to put the pressure on and were on the attack from the first whistle, getting their first goal past the UEL keeper within the early minutes of the game.

Essex kept the pressure on forcing UEL to play a very defensive game, ending the first half with a score of 4-0. UEL kept their heads held high and continued to fight back showing some quality hockey throughout the game, regardless of the score line. Despite constant pressure the UEL keeper saved a penalty flick from a confident Essex player. UEL put 100% into the game until the final whistle, showing a great deal of potential and awesome team spirit. The game ended with an unfortunate score of 9-0. UEL came off the pitch with their heads held high looking forward to taking the positives from their performance and turning their energy to putting 100% into their league and coming out on top.


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