We tackled our first tourist day with a filling breakfast. We had a few laughs over trying to figure out how to work the pancake machine after it delivered pancakes the size of a £2 coin. We then commuted over to Boston common, where we took loads of selfies with statues doing our soon to be famous ‘peace and pout’. As we made our way to Boston’s skywalk, we took a slight detour into one of Boston’s famous sweet shops Sugar Heaven,  some of us felt right at home, giving meaning to the known saying ‘ I feel like a big kid in a sweet shop’. After seeing a ‘now hiring’ sign in the window the sweet fanatic of the group wanted to up root her life to Boston.

When we finally arrived at the skywalk, it took us a minute in the elevator to reach the 50th floor. It was like being beamed up by aliens. There were loads of people dressed up in costumes as there was an anime convention going on somewhere in the building. The skywalk view was mesmerising, to be up so high that everything just looks miniature in comparison to yourself makes you think that our worries are only as big as we make them. On the way to our next destination we stopped off for a little break in Starbucks where we met a little bird some of us called Maverick and others called Bert. He seemed to have no worries coming up close, as he allowed us to feed him bits of our leftover food, before moving on to the next person.

Our next destination was the aquarium where we saw some happy penguins and Ramon’s cousins from happy feet, they seemed to be pleased to see us, either that or because it was their lunch time (most likely the latter). We also met some talkative fish who seemed to have a lot to say about our photography skills and catching their good side. As we made our way to the gift shop we came across a few squid hats, that we couldn’t resist putting on and acting out screens from shark tale. After a interestingly funny day we all headed over to America’s famous Applebee’s for a late dinner where we met a lovely young lady who was just crazy about our accents and how we use different words like ‘chips’ instead of ‘fries’ and ‘you lot’ instead of ‘guys’. Overall out first day in Boston was a success, if today is anything to go by we are going to do just fine here.

– Lavinia Oduro


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