Our day started bright and early for our pre-booked New England Aquarium Whale Watching tour from Central Wharf. So it was back to the Aquarium for a two and half hour tour on the high seas to try and spot several species of whales and dolphins. The cashier, upon purchasing our tickets, had promised us that spotting whales was practically guaranteed or we’d get a free ticket for our next visit and she wasn’t wrong! Nor did she tell us that our destination was a Marine Sanctuary, her free ticket offer was safe. Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary is a rich feeding ground for whales, dolphins, sea birds and other marine life. It is home to several kinds of dolphins and whales, including humpback, finback, and minke whales, as well as the endangered right whales. Out of the varieties on offer we saw all except the right whales, what an amazing morning being able to see them all in their natural habitat, riding along the boat, swimming underneath it and even feeding. We came back to shore happily content in our whale watch experience.

After lunch we made our way to Franklin Park Zoo. It is based over 72 acres of land and houses over 100 different species of animals. Unfortunately for us there were a few things out for the season or being refurbished but it still left a lot to see. We entered through Zebra gate, north-west of the park and made our way through. The highlights for me were the red panda that was asleep on the roof of his/her house -it smelt bad but looked adorable-  the tigers -one of which was the white- and the gorillas, to them play fighting was scaring the living daylights out of us by throwing a large bucket at the protective window!

Jet lag has still not passed so its home for dinner and bed, thank goodness there’s a lie in tomorrow.

– Natalie Crosby


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