Women’s Rugby Boston Trip – The Journey

We all arrived at Heathrow airport, with plenty of time till our flight, which was probably for the best as there was a slight mix up with one of our tickets. True to saying, all things come in threes, as not too soon after Katy couldn’t unlock her suitcase, resulting in as all praying that she wouldn’t be picked for a random suitcase inspection. With the time it took to sort the ticket out, we had a limited time to get a bite to eat. When we all met up to board the plane we had less than 2 minutes to spare. We some how managed to get there in time and find our seats. After a 7 hour flight with laughs, tears (Notting hill) and sneaky sleepy selfies, we landed in Boston relieved and excited for our first tourist day. Little did we know someone had forgotten their passport on the plane as we came through customs, the staff were lovely and very helpful with the momentary memory lapse. We found it pretty easy manoeuvring around Boston’s subways. We arrived at the hotel to get settled into our rooms and get some rest for the next day ahead of us.

– Lavinia Oduro


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