Omg! Is the only way I can describe our Harvard visit. We got on the redline train to Harvard station and after a slight detour (wrong turn) we made our way across the Anderson Memorial bridge to the Harvard Murr centre. It was surrounded in a cast iron gate proudly adorning the university crest.

We were greeted by Katie and Megan at reception who were going to take us on our university tour. It took just over an hour, and as far as university facilities go, I have never and probably will never see anything like it.

We started at the 10 plus squash courts with stands leading on to the Indoor tennis courts. Indoor swimming pool (with stands) made adjustable for full length water polo plus a practice diving pool. The biggest indoor basketball court with the shiniest floor your ever likely to see outside of the NBA with stands (an understatement. Let just say everything has seating for an audience). Indoor track and field. Indoor ice hockey. Outdoor tennis, hockey, softball, baseball, rugby, football (ok, soccer)! A strength and conditioning ‘room’ that’s the size of half a football pitch!!! And the icing on a very impressive Harvard cake, was the 50,000 seated American football ground that look like the coliseum… Blown. A. Way.

Then they told us they had a quidditch team, off to the World Cup!… Speechless.

Amazingly, as luck would have it, we bumped into the Harvard Women’s rugby coach and she invited us down for a training session with the team. Watch this space.

Our afternoon was spent touring Boston’s famous Fenway park, which, we’re told, is the oldest Major League ballpark in the league. As you enter Fenway for the tour, you are greeted with a commemorative baseball shirt dedicated to those who died in the bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The shirt was displayed over the World Series trophy that the Boston Red Sox won the same year on the parade bus in their honour.

We sat in the famous blue seats the only remaining original wooden seats in MLB, walked up to the green monster at left field, walked through the hall of fame and sat in the press office, which look like the best seats in the house.

Our last stop was the famous red seat over at the right field bleachers. The story goes, as Ted Williams connected with the ball off the bat for the longest home run ever hit in Fenway Park, it landed in the upper part of the bleachers. Joe Boucher, was in that red seat when the ball, which traveled 502 feet, hit him and deflected off his straw hat.

A great day of tradition and passion in Boston.


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