Rugby Women’s Boston Trip – Day 6

Today we were scheduled to work our first day at the national college fairs for the University of East London (UEL) based at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC). We do have these types of events in the UK but of course the US do it bigger and better.

In a space earls court would be jealous of over 400 university and colleges set out there stalls from all over the world, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Spain and of course England.

After finding our stall among the hundreds of others, we set out in our varsity t-shirts armed with wristbands, lanyards and posters encouraging students to tweet #imthinkingUEL and to head to the UEL stand. It was a small part of the process as once we got them their Felicia (UEL member of staff and previous international student) and Laurel (previous UEL international scholar) did the sales pitch. Listening to them speak about the University and the positive effects they had being in London was inspiring, if I wasn’t a student already I’d be applying.

We were there for about two hours before it was time to pack up and go, our minds changing quickly to the evening ahead. A show down with the Harvard Women’s Rugby team. To say we were nervous would be an understatement.

In hindsight I think we were blindsided by the name and the sporting history that comes with it. Having not played that much together as a rugby sevens team playing against a newly promoted varsity rugby team I think we did ourselves proud, it was hard work, cold, windy and raining but we definitely left feeling on a high ready for the North Eastern/Boston University tournament.


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