Rugby Women’s Boston Trip – Day 7

Saturday was our last day in Boston, we felt that we could fit in one last experience to round off what has been an amazing trip of a lifetime. Prior to the trip we found a local charity that was helping children find better things to do with their time and stay off the streets. The charity was called Y.E.S, which stands for youth enrichment service. They provide young people the opportunity to get involved with activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing. This gives young people the chance to take risks in an controlled environment and experience an adrenaline rush like no other. They are founded by donations they are given and volunteers they give up some of their time to help out. We went down to take a coaching session on rugby, most of the girls had never played before some hadn’t even heated of the game before. They were all excited to learn the basics of the game. We taught them how to pass the ball and be quick on their feet with someone coming at them. They really picked it up quite quickly, we had a few small games to get them into the mind set of it all. Once our session had finished we rounded it off with what we know best, an awards ceremony, we gave out an award for having us and one for player of the match to this 10 year old girl, she had quick hands and was quick on her feet too, definitely one to watch out for. With our session done, we went to get something to eat before heading back to the hotel to grab our bags. We went to a restaurant called cheers which was featured in a hit tv show a little before most of our times. The food there was just as big and filling as we needed for our flight home. We were all a little sad that our time was coming to an end as we have had an amazing time in Boston one we are surely never to forget.


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