Cricket Club Dubai tour – review

University of East London Cricket Club for a team picture, ahead of their opening match in Dubai.
University of East London Cricket Club pose for a team picture, ahead of their opening match in Dubai.

The UEL cricket players that went to Dubai now have had two days to take stock on the amazing experience they had on the tour.

On tour, the cricketers lost in both their 30-over matches to Skyline University and GCC but did themselves in two even contests.

Here is what the players have had to say on the experience on the tour:

Cricket co-ordinator Arfan Akram – The University of East London Cricket Club have had two wonderful previous seasons, winning promotions in BUCS, both the outdoor seasons were followed by pre-season tours. Therefore, the importance of a good pre-season as preparation is critical part of our planning. Dubai was the perfect location. The team did themselves proud, losing to Skyline and GCC in temperatures reaching 44C. The trip was also a great cultural experience to visit a new country and experience new cultures. As head coach, I am so proud of the lads and am excited for the season ahead.

Michael English – Incredible tour with great cricket, great views, great weather and a great bunch of lads.

Zuhaib Zebi – Amazing tour visiting the old and the new in Dubai, seeing how different life is there. It was also good to see the talent of cricket which they have and how it is to play them.

Haris Siddiqui – Well, the Dubai tour was amazing. A new experience for everyone. People greeted each other very well and this tour was also built great bonds between the players. It was an educational tour for us all.

Thomas Reeves – Yet, another fantastic tour with some great lads. I personally have been incredibly fortunate to go to India, Holland and now Dubai in my three years at the University of East London, which is something I thought I might never do. The views in Dubai are sensational, as stunning view is followed by stunning view wherever you go. It was also a very interesting experience to play cricket in such heat and get practise ahead of the cricket season because I’m sure I won’t play again in 44C this season! Thank you once again to Arfan Akram, Mohit Rohra and everybody else that made the tour possible.


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