History is made!

For the first time EVER, UEL has charged up the BUCS League Table into the Top 50 by clinching 47th spot! This achievement would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all our sports clubs and athletes.

UEL has gone from strength to strength and the future for us seems brighter than ever. Well done to all and bring on 2015/16!

“Being part of UELSports especially the basketball club has been a fantastic experience. I have seen all sports grow and I’m proud to have been a part of the journey. Last year in particular, was the best so far. Playing in the Premier South, the Final 8’s and becoming a top 50 BUCS university is something that seemed a million miles away when I first started.  This is a very special moment for UEL and I’m honoured to be a part of it!” 

William Ashby – UEL Basketball Club

“The successful league performances and cup runs last season highlighted the talent and potential that the club has. Training was a lot more focused on specific aspects of the players, which is something that helped drive each player to develop their performance. Breaking into the BUCS Top 50 is a result of everyone’s hard work, not just with the Football Club, but UELSports in general. I am excited about our achievement and believe that next season is certainly one to look forward to!”

Dylan Feehily – UEL Football Club

“Seeing first-hand, the rapid progress and success of UEL Athletics Club and UELSports as a whole is very exciting. In particular, watching some members developing from novices to BUCS finalists in a single year was truly incredible! This, along with a strong club programme starting in September, makes for another exciting year to come. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and contribution that has resulted in us finishing in the BUCS Top 50.”

Jacob Hood – UEL Athletics Club

“It has been an amazing year to be a part of and represent UEL Netball and UELSports. As a club we have been determined to achieve this year, which has led us to winning Club of the Year. We also had 3 teams competing in BUCS, winning our varsity match and our 1st team gaining promotion and winning the South Eastern Conference Plate. It has been great to not only be a part of UEL Netball’s success, but to watch other clubs succeed leading to UELSports finishing in the top 50 in BUCS. A friendly atmosphere and great facilities make me proud to be a part of UELSports.”

Shannon Cummins – UEL Netball Club


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