Swimming opportunities at UEL!

UEL has been working in partnership with Newham and UEL Swimming Club for the past 5 years and we are keen to make UEL staff aware of the swimming opportunities available to them.  The club is keen to welcome new members regardless of ability and it is never too late to get involved!

Swim for fitness with Newham and UEL Swimming Club 

​​Do you want to:

get fit?

have fun?

improve your health?

Remember, ‘Swimfit Plus’ is for you if you enjoy swimming and want to improve:

  • as a recreational and keep-fit swimmer
  • as a performance swimmer stepping back from busy training commitments
  • as a masters; triathlon and other athlete
  • as an open water specialists and health swimmers

Our coached sessions  are held at the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford and at East Ham Leisure Centre. The Coach will help each swimmer achieve their training and fitness objectives.

Every swimmer will be entitled to a FREE diagnostic trial swim, so even if you don’t immediately meet SwimFit Plus standards, you will be given an improvement plan to get you there quickly.

Full details on the Club’s website: www.nuelsc.org.uk  

Contact Holly Richards NUELSC Head Coach: headcoach@newhamswimmingclub.org.uk


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