UEL Alumni Project

UELSports alongside the Alumni Advancement Office at UEL are establishing a new ‘Sports Honoraries & Alumni Relationship Programme’ (S.H.A.R.P).

Our intention is to develop and enhance an ongoing relationship with former ‘sports’ students and sports honoraries (people who have received Honorary degrees with University of East London) and reconnect them to our current cohort of students, sports clubs, teams and ultimately UEL.

UEL has become one of the most successful Universities in the UK for sport over the last 6 years with some of our current teams rivalling established sporting institutions such as Loughborough, Birmingham and Durham. As we aim to continue our rise through the rankings, we also wish to reflect on our past and reconnect with the people who helped establish our sporting foundations and history.

Our programme objectives are to:-

  1. Maintain and update you on our current sports results and developments;
  2. Consider opportunities for you  to mentor some of our current sports students;
  3. Host an annual competitive sports event between our current students and our Sports Honoraries and Alumni;
  4. Seek ways of you supporting the recruitment of new students to UEL and into our sports teams;
  5. Consider ways of you assisting in fundraising efforts towards the development of sports programmes and facilities at UEL;
  6. Capture historical information from you from previous years at UEL, and to showcase our past to current and prospective students.

Can you help?

  • Are you a former student who competed in sport and represented UEL in the past?
  • Do you know other former students or networks that exist to support this programme?
  • Do you have a story about your time at UEL playing sport you would like to share?
  • Would you like more information about SHARP or discuss in more detail?

If so, we would love to hear from you by registering here or you can discuss with David Cosford (Director of Sport) on 020 8223 6398. We would welcome your registration of interest by Friday 22nd January.


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