Voctory for Men’s Hockey!

Wednesday, 3 Frbruary, saw UEL Men’s 1s host King’s College London (GKT) for a home game at Lee Valley.

After a fantastic performance last week finishing with a win at Honor Oak Park, UEL were determined to carry this performance through to their home game. After a slow start in last week’s game UEL were ready from the first whistle and found their rhythm straight away.

Solid play from the midfielders meant that UEL kept some serious pressure on GKT throughout and good defending from the back meant any GKT counterattack was unsuccessful. Despite UEL maintaining most of the possession the game was still 0-0 at half-time.DSC_0496

UEL’s team talk mostly focused on keeping discipline and continuing the constant pressure in order to win. Persistence finally paid off in the second half with captain, Michael Crossley, breaking the deadlock from a short corner. UEL kept their composure, not allowing GKT back into the game with Joe Nelmes scoring with 9 minutes to go making it 2-0.

GKT broke in the last play of the game, winning themselves a short corner. A strong deflection gave them a consolation goal, however UEL had already sealed the deal, finishing with a 2-1 win.

Michael Crossley-1
Joe Nelmes-1

Another fantastic performance from the lads. It’s brilliant to see how much we have improved from the start of this season – let’s continue this run of form!


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