Hi my name is Georgie, a UEL student with two years experience playing for the university Women’s Football Club!

2016-2017 has been a very special season for the club. We started with much anticipation, with a new coach and many new team members. Following strong initial performances we found ourselves to be strong contenders for winning the league and subsequently becoming the most successful women’s football team UEL have ever produced. By building a squad of talented, versatile and passionate players we managed to complete our season winning both the league and conference cup, unbeaten.Womens Football_2

Every successful team starts with good management and this year, Jay our new coach, used every tool needed to create a successful squad. With outstanding coaching, management and discipline, Jay was able to bring the team together on and off the pitch. The club committee also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure meetings were organised, creating and acting on development plans throughout the season, ensuring equipment was ready for match days and training, while keeping in regular communication and working closely with the UELSports office.

Women Sport is evolving, becoming more popular all the time. In football  especially, women are gradually gaining increased TV coverage and more female players are presenting in conferences and events to further encourage participation. Despite this we know that many girls still shy away from the opportunity to be involved in sports, we aim to change this! UEL Football club is a warm and welcoming group, open to all students of varying ability, performance and from all walks of life. We value a personal approach, through one-one conversations with girls who are interested, to ensure they feel happy, comfortable, which encourages them to take the attitude of “well why shouldn’t I be playing football”.

Womens Football_3

Overall, playing for UEL Women’s Football Club has been my university highlight has helped carry me through academic university life. Playing football is the fun, competitive escape that is extremely useful to have while studying, it provides continuous opportunities, from tours to gaining extra qualifications, and is run exceptionally well. I highly recommend any student joining the team in the new season, just find us at freshers week and sign up!




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